How to Defeat Seasonal Allergies Naturally

Allergy season is upon us. Defend yourself.

It’s the end of February. The ‘Pollening’ is coming. We all know what I’m referring to, right? In March all the trees shed their skeletal winter bodies, and turn into beautiful flowery goliaths. They are gorgeous to look at, but wreak havoc on our bodies.

These trees release airborne allergens like pollen, grass, mold, ragweed, and even chemicals, which enter through our noses. Our immune systems then release antibodies to attack back, and histamines that cause inflammation.

Basically, the trees look amazing, while the humans look like snotty, puffy, watery-eyed caricatures of themselves.

The worst part about allergies? They get worse as we get older. Seasonal allergies come around every year, and commandeer our health for around a month. We aren’t powerless though!

Here are a few natural ways to defeat seasonal allergies:

Stress management- The most important thing we can do is manage anxiety and stress. This is because stress hormones throw your body out of whack and affect your immune system, which only makes allergies worse. Try chanting in your office copy room, or taking up indoor yoga.

Nasal care- Pollen and other allergens stick to the mucus membranes in your nose. Cleansing your nose with a neti pot after exposure to outdoor pathogens can help lessen your allergy symptoms.  

Apple Cider Vinegar- ACV has a lot of great health benefits, and when taken in small amounts daily (mixed with water and lemon juice), it can help combat mucus, and drain the lymphatic system, which helps with allergy symptoms.

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Probiotics- Studies have shown that probiotics help to keep the healthy bacteria in the gut balanced, which keeps your immune system working properly. Probiotics like those found in greek yogurt can both boost your immunity and help prevent pathogens from growing.

Environment- Even though pollen comes from outside, it’s very easy to track into your home. Clean your house regularly during allergy season, including dusting shelves, and changing out air filters and pillow cases. Do this, and you can admire the beauty of the “Pollening” from inside a clean home, without a runny nose.

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