Dr. Karen Discusses the Importance of Social Distancing and Self Isolation

COVID-19 must be taken seriously if we are going to survive this pandemic.

In hospitals all over the country we are facing a serious shortage of medical equipment, as cases of COVID-19 threaten to overwhelm our healthcare system.

As a doctor, a lot of people have come to me with questions, so I decided to make some videos to try and explain some of the aspects of COVID-19 that people don’t understand, specifically the importance of social distancing and isolation during this time.

I have also co-founded the #StayatHomeChallenge, and am encouraging people all over the world to use this time productively, and to challenge others to do the same. Check out www.stayathomechallenge.org for more.

Regardless of where you are, please stay safe, and listen to medical professionals about COVID-19. The only way we can all beat this is if we all stick together, by staying apart.

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