Natural Ways to Fight Quarantine Constipation

Lock-down constipation is a real thing, people.

When it comes to the global health crisis currently affecting Planet Earth, there are a lot of unattractive things to consider, and I’m not just talking about our black roots and overgrown fingernails. From a health perspective, being locked down can have a variety of effects on your body, from stress and anxiety, to trouble sleeping and constipation.

I know it’s tough to hear it when so many things are currently irregular, but you need to try and keep your bowel movements regular. Quarantine constipation can happen for a variety of reasons, from changing your schedule, to a lack of movement, or not drinking enough water.

If you are suffering however, don’t fret! Here are a few ways you can combat quarantine constipation naturally!

Water– Dehydration is a HUGE factor for constipation, and now that you never have to leave the house, there is no excuse for it. My two pieces of advice are this: Keep a full glass of water beside your bed, and drink it immediately when you wake up. This will jumpstart your metabolism the same way coffee does, so make sure there is a bathroom at hand. Carry a gallon jug around with you all day, and refill it with water as you go.

Fiber Supplements– Especially if you are living in a place with higher elevation, fiber supplements may be exactly what you need to keep things running smoothly. Metamucil is a popular option. Adding this to your diet three times a week can be very helpful for quarantine constipation.

Exercise– When it comes to exercise, most of us probably didn’t realize how active we used to be. Now that we are forced to live a more sedentary lifestyle, the need for movement is more apparent than ever. A daily walk or small at-home workouts increases blood flow and helps the gut stay healthy and regular.

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Find a Routine- Bowel regularity is so aptly named because it works best when you stick to a regular schedule. Once you start going again, if you can stick to a somewhat regular schedule it will trick your mind into forming a habit.

Take Probiotic Supplements- Probiotics are very helpful to our digestive system, so taking a supplement or incorporating more Greek yogurt into your diet is a great way to keep things moving. Choose a brand with at least 50 billion CFU, and switch brands every two months to diversify and make sure you get as many health benefits as possible.

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