Five Plant-Based Proteins to Stock Up On

Are you getting enough protein in your diet?

Just because we are in lockdown, doesn’t mean we can ignore the needs of our body (besides of course, sunlight and exercise).

Protein is one of the main building blocks for our muscles, both in terms of building, and maintenance. Proteins are made of amino acids, which help our muscles repair after strenuous exercise. You can’t work out all the time without consuming protein to help keep you going, so it is integral to your body, whether you are an all-star athlete, or a marathon refrigerator runner. Protein can also help the body break down carbs, and promote a healthy blood sugar level.

We all know about meat proteins, like chicken and steak, but there are plenty of other ways to include proteins into your diet using only plants and non-meats.

Here are five plant-based proteins to try out now!

Chickpeas. I’m sorry, but who doesn’t love hummus? Chickpeas offer 10 grams of protein per half-cup, and are also chock full of fiber.

Lentils. I’m not much of a lentil fan, but these legumes contain 18 grams of protein per cup, as well as both iron and fiber.

Black Beans. You can get 15 grams of protein out of just one cup of cooked black beans, as well as your full daily intake of zinc. Anyone want a burrito bowl?

Oatmeal. Oats are super high in Vitamin E, and one cup contains 10 grams of protein. Add crunchy peanut butter for an extra boost to keep you full longer.

Pistachios. Say what you will about these little nuts, but half a cup of pistachios contains 12 grams of protein. If you aren’t a pistachio person, look for other ways to include them into your diet, such as breading for chicken.

Of all your body’s dietary needs, protein is pretty high on the list. With a little variety however, you should be able to get all the protein you need to be happy, healthy, and active.

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