Three Mantras to Recite as You Put On Your Mask

Nobody wants to wear a mask, but we have to.

The COVID-19 Pandemic is not over. Even though certain states have just decided to stop reporting accurate numbers, and others don’t believe the virus exists anymore, I promise you, it does.

There is a lot of misinformation out there, and since there is no strong leadership at the top, we are all being lead to make our own conclusions about what is right or wrong. This has lead to people storming state capitals, refusing to wear masks, demanding ‘freedom’ from regulations that were put in place to keep them safe. I get it, we are all scared. We don’t have reliable information.

And none of us WANT to wear masks.

However, we have to. Wearing a mask is the easiest, simplest way to protect ourselves and others. They make it hard to breathe. They make it impossible to smile at a stranger. They are annoying, and unfashionable.

But they save lives.

Unless you hatched from an egg, you have (or have had) parents and grandparents. If you are considering not wearing a mask, think of them specifically. What if you were the reason they contracted the disease and died? It isn’t even just the elderly or immune-compromised that are at risk anymore. Children are also dying of the complications from this disease.

Life is all about perception. If we view having to cover our mouths in public as a tyrannous encroachment on our rights as human beings, that is what it will be. If we change the narrative in our head, and decide that we are protecting our grandparents and children, wearing a mask becomes an opportunity to do something good. It becomes a chance to do something positive, in a time when there is so much negativity in the world.

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So, here are three mantras to recite as you put on your mask in the morning. Hopefully they will help change your perception from governmental oppression, to ultimate compassion.

Sing them at the top of your lungs, if you must!

“RBG is fighting for me!” Ruth Bader Ginsburg is one of the only justices on the Supreme Court who isn’t bought and paid for. She is elderly, and must stay alive. Wear a mask for her sake!

“Hiding my face, for the human race!” COVID-19 is a global pandemic and affects everyone on the planet. Wearing a mask is the least you can do for humanity.

“I may have to hide, but at least I’m going outside!” If we don’t wear masks, we risk a super deadly second wave of infections, which will just result in another, longer quarantine. You may have to cover your face, but at least you are able to go outside.

This lockdown has been tough on all of us. However, wearing a mask is the least you can do for humanity, your family, and yourself.

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