How to Have a Safe and Happy Fourth of July

Celebrate your independence responsibly.

It’s ironic, isn’t it? We are celebrating our freedom as a country while being relegated to our homes. The Fourth of July isn’t until tomorrow, but fireworks have been going off in every major city for weeks. And the idea of having a barbeque is downright scary for people who are worried about family members getting COVID.

I know that America is a bit of a hot mess right now, but we all still want to find ways to celebrate Independence Day with our loved ones.

Here are a few ways we can do that safely:

Watch fireworks from a distance. The great news about fireworks (if you aren’t sick of them by now) is that they can be enjoyed from far away. Find an elevated, secluded spot for your family, and have an intimate picnic with an explosive backdrop.

Only barbeque with close friends and family. If you are dead set on being around friends and family for a barbeque, be selective about who you invite. Discuss the exposure risks with your guests, and limit the guest list to as few people as possible. Dedicate an hour of ZOOM time during the barbeque, to video conference with high risk family members.

Go Camping. Getting off the grid is fairly safe, in a pandemic that requires social isolation. This weekend is a great time to get out of town with your family, and have a small fireworks show of your own.

Drive the distance. If you are going to a fireworks show, drive a little further away, for the sake of isolation. There is no reason to be in a big crowd of people, when the show you are trying to watch literally lights up the night sky.

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Wear masks in public. Even if you’re drunk, even if you’re only in the convenience store for five minutes, wear a mask. Coming from an orthopaedic surgeon, you get used to it.

This Independence Day we have the opportunity to come together as a nation, and support our fellow Americans. We do this by social distancing, and wearing masks.

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