Safety And Style: The Most Gorgeous Masks from Instagram

In this country, masks are becoming the new normal.

Protective face coverings have become a hot button issue in this country. It’s crazy how we are dealing with extreme civil rights violations with the #BlackLivesMatter movement, while also dealing with privileged people who refuse to wear a mask, even though it protects their fellow Americans and loved ones.

As a surgeon who has worn protective masks for hundreds of hours of my life, I can tell you that even though they are a little uncomfortable, they are necessary, and you get used to them. That being said, now that they are becoming pretty much mandatory, some of the masks I’ve seen actually look cool.

It’s a very post-apocalyptic, Mortal Kombat ninja kind of cool, but I believe there is a place in the fashion world for it.

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At this point, masks are vital, so I say we embrace this strange cultural trend and have some fun with it!

To celebrate that, I scoured Instagram and found some great examples of gorgeous mask fashion.

My goal is to encourage people to incorporate their safety into their fashion choices, and turn masks into a positive statement about both your civic and social responsibility, and personal style.

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