How to Safely Get the Most Out of the End of Summer

Cold weather is coming, so enjoy the heat while it lasts.

Summer 2020 was hijacked by a global pandemic. Many of us had plans to take long trips, or try out new outdoor hobbies, or be seen in the bathing suits we worked hard to fit into. However, Covid-19 took all that from us, and now the weather is starting to change, leaving many of us feeling a little betrayed that summer came and went without any of the customary indulgences and happenings.

Hopefully you got outdoors in some capacity and didn’t just sit inside looking at the beautiful weather. If you didn’t however, I want you to know that it isn’t too late.

There are ways to safely enjoy the last of the nice weather without endangering yourself or your family. Here are a few ways to enjoy the weather before the snow starts falling.

Take a Short Trip. I wouldn’t advise traveling across the country right now, but there are plenty of short trips you can take to nice hiking spots, or local towns that you have never been to. Even an overnight stay at a hotel can be incredibly helpful in terms of clearing your mind. If you haven’t left the house at all in the past 6 months, I suggest going somewhere, wearing a mask the entire time you are in public, and pampering yourself with some alone time.

Enjoy a Staycation. Staycations basically involve turning your home into a vacation. Choose a weekend and wake up late, let your phone go dead, start day-drinking at noon, and lay out in your back yard. You don’t necessarily need to leave your house to de-stress and enjoy the weather.

Plan a Picnic. Picnics are easily accomplished with social distancing, and a great way to enjoy the nice weather with your family. Just watch out for the ants!

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Exercise Outside. Even though it’s a funny time to pick up a hobby, I have a friend who started biking at the end of the summer, and loved it so much he picked it back up as soon as the weather permitted. Exercising outside works because you can enjoy the weather and get healthy at the same time.

Go Brunching. Brunch is a summer staple, and by brunch, I mean day-drinking with your friends. Many restaurants have open seating outside, and as long as you wear a mask when you get up from the table, you can have some semblance of a normal brunch before summer ends and the seasonal depression kicks in.

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