Summer is Over. How to Maintain Your Fitness This Winter

Your fitness must be maintained, regardless of the season.

Summer has unfortunately come to a close. That doesn’t mean we can forget about our fitness however! The lockdown has undoubtedly caused us to adopt a more sedentary lifestyle, so chances are we may not have really reached our fitness goals this summer.

Things are opening up in the US more and more though, so at this point working out in an actual gym is an option again, and we have an opportunity to make up for some lost time.

That being said, winter is coming, and typically people are a lot less likely to get up and go to the gym during cold weather months. So here are a few ways you can maintain you fitness through the coming season.

Pursue an outdoor activity. Seasonal depression is a real thing, and the best way to combat it is through exposure to sunlight. Cold winter workouts are a popular trend, and even though it doesn’t seem like it, once you get used to exercising in the cold, you start to really enjoy it. So consider pursuing an outdoor activity like running, jogging, or biking. It’ll help keep you fit and fight the SADs.

Get a gym membership. The second best thing to running outdoors, is running indoors. That being said, there are also ellipticals at the gym which are better on your knees. Getting and paying for a gym membership will make you more likely to go, and its warm inside, which can also be a good motivator.

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Buy new winter workout clothes. Buying new workout clothes for the winter can be a good motivator, because once you buy them, you have to actually wear them.

Wear layers. Especially when exercising outdoors, it’s important to wear layers. You don’t want to be too cold or too hot, and layers gives you the option to change your outfits based on your level of comfort.

Aim low, and surprise yourself. Deciding to take on a strenuous workout regimen if you haven’t exercised all summer is a fast road to failure and self-sabotage. Start by setting small goals for yourself, like working out once a week. If you meet them, increase your goals so you are always striving to do more, not chastising yourself for doing less.

Be Kind to Yourself. If you miss a day, don’t be too hard on yourself. If you don’t meet your goals, just aim to do better next time. Our physical and mental health are tied together, so being too harsh on yourself could cause you to mentally disengage from your goals completely. Just remember that you aren’t in competition with anyone but yourself, and keep moving forward, regardless of the season.

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