How to Wash Your Workout Shoes

There is a right way, and a wrong way, to wash your sneakers.

Remember when we were kids, and our moms just threw our dirty, muddy sneakers into the washer and dryer, where they would bump around, disrupting the whole house? Then, they would come out misshapen, but clean.

Believe it or not, putting sneakers into a dryer is a bad idea. We wash our workout clothes regularly, but often neglect our sneakers. This can pose a real problem, especially if our shoes start to stink. Believe it or not however, there is a way to wash your workout shoes and keep them intact.

First off, remove any heavy stains or debris. You can use a magic eraser for this, especially if they are white. A toothbrush can also help for the crevices.

Second, remove the laces and the insert soles. Put everything in a mesh laundry bag, and wash them with regular clothes (towels are great) on a delicate cycle with cold water and regular detergent.

DO NOT PUT YOUR SNEAKERS IN THE DRYER. Instead, pull the tongues out, put paper towels inside them, and leave them outside to dry completely, before re-lacing them and putting the soles back in.

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If you have the time and inclination, washing your shoes by hand is the best way to keep their longevity intact. If you’re fighting odors, some baking soda or a shoe deodorizer can also help.

All in all, just make sure your sneakers stay as clean as humanly possible. We tend to sweat a lot in these shoes, so they can become full of bacteria if they aren’t washed regularly and properly ventilated.

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