Three Ways to Participate in the TCS New York VIRTUAL Marathon

The New York Marathon is happening virtually this year.

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected industries and institutions all over the country. Many events, from concerts to marathons have been cancelled for the sake of public health. While I can totally understand the necessity of taking such precautions, I always find it interesting when people find a way around them.

The New York Marathon is an institution on its own, and much like New Yorkers themselves, it cannot be kept down. This year, the marathon has gone virtual.

I know what you are saying; ‘How can a footrace be virtual?’

This year, you can run the 26.2 mile New York marathon in your own home town, by completing the race any time between October 17, and November 1.

Opening up the marathon in this way allows people to participate all over the country, and creates engagement online. So while you miss out on the benefits of in-person camaraderie, you will still get the support from the online community of athletes.

There are three ways you can participate in the virtual New York Marathon this year:

 Run for the Medal.

For $50-$60 you can enter to compete for the medal.

Entrants receive 50% off the NYRR Coaching Lab to train, a 60-day Strava subscription, a marathon branded running buff, course tracking through the NYRR Racing app, and the official Virtual TCS New York City Marathon app.

If you finish, you also get a finisher medal, a Strava digital finisher badge, and a discount on a purchase or lease of a brand new Volvo.

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Run for Free

For the low cost of absolutely nothing, you can get 10% off the NYRR  Coaching Lab training, a 30 day Strava subscription, and the Virtual TCS New York City Marathon app.

If you finish, you get a discount on a new Volvo, and a Strava digital finisher badge.

There are two other options for runners, but they are both sold out. The good news is, if you have always wanted to take part in the New York Marathon, now you can do so without leaving your home town!

Run for a Volvo

This year you can enter a sweepstakes to win a Volvo. Visit this link for details.

For more information and registration info, click HERE.

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