How to Keep Your Kids Physically Active During Covid-19

Regardless of the pandemic, our children need exercise.

All over the country, schools are closing down. This really isn’t surprising given the fact that kids are basically germ-spreading machines. And even though we were blessed with months of indoor bonding time with our kids, chances are, we were all a little relieved when school started back up.

Of course, Covid-19 infections are now on the rise again, which means we are likely heading into another lockdown situation. That being said, we need to make sure our kids remain active and physically fit because right now, nothing would be easier than letting them sit in front of a screen all winter long.

Here are three ways to prioritize your children’s fitness during a long winter lockdown.

Athletic social media groups. Encourage your kids to join and follow athletic social media groups. If they are going to spend all their time online, you might as well use the Internet as a tool to encourage wellness. This will probably only work if your children are already interested in sports and athletics, but it’s never a bad time to encourage a new hobby.

Weekly exercise incentives. Incentivize your kids to create weekly fitness goals and reward them for success. A cheat meal, a new tech gadget, or an allowance are all easy ways to bribe your children into caring about their fitness, and after 33 days, exercising will become a habit for them.

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Balance Outdoor Activities and Screen Time. Make it clear to your kids that for every hour they spend on the Internet, they need to spend 30 minutes outside. Not only will this encourage your children to lead a more balanced life, but it will also teach them about time management.

To survive this pandemic, we all have to change things about the way we live. Luckily that makes it the perfect time to instill healthy habits in the lives of our children.

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