How to Boost Your Metabolism This Winter

There has never been a better time to boost your metabolism.

Winter is here. A pandemic is in full swing. Those two things create the perfect storm for a sedentary lifestyle. The weather keeps us from going outside, and the pandemic gives us the perfect excuse to let ourselves go. Before we know it, spring will be back, and we will have completely lost touch with the summer body we took for granted in 2020.

As you know, I am a huge proponent of regular exercise and healthy lifestyle changes. That being said, I also understand the appeal of staying glued to a couch all winter.

One way you can minimize the damage of our current constraints is to increase your metabolism. A faster metabolism burns fat more quickly, and helps keep off excess weight. So if you can’t get to the gym as regularly as before, these things will help maintain your body while the world heals.

Strength training- Muscles help burn calories, even when your body is at rest. Lifting weights can help strengthen your metabolism, and keep your body running all the time. Free weights and exercise bands (easily ordered from Amazon) are two easy ways to keep your muscles in fighting condition this winter.

Eat Spicy Foods- Spicy foods can help your metabolism because they contain capsaicin, which can help burn an additional 10 calories per meal. Spicy foods aren’t a weight-loss plan by any means, but they help.

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Regular physical activity- 20 minutes of physical activity per day is all you really need to keep your body running at a decent pace. Walking, cleaning up around the house, or a healthy hobby like yoga are all great ways to keep your metabolism running strong.

Hydration- Choosing to drink water over sugary drinks helps you lose weight in calories alone, but it also increases your resting metabolism, and can help you feel more full. The next time you are hungry, try drinking a glass of water instead.

Sleep Schedules- Your circadian rhythm is very important in terms of overall health and weight loss. Lack of sleep is also a cause of obesity, and can contribute to type 2 diabetes. Going to sleep and waking up at the same time every night is integral to keeping your metabolism going strong.

Stress Relief- Stress and anxiety are major factors in a lot of issues, including weight loss. Yoga, journalling, and meditation are three good ways to combat stress.

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