Five Healthy New Years Resolutions

After such a difficult year, resolutions are more important than ever.

2020 has not been a normal year. We have dealt with every kind of problem, from Nazis, to world-wide protests and a pandemic that shut down economies all over the globe.

Every year on this date, we tend to give some thought to what we want from the coming year. After the colossal dumpster-fire of 2020, I think most of us just want food on our table, a roof over our heads, and most of all health, for ourselves and all of our loved ones.

Resolutions are normally just random little wishes we make for ourselves, like the prospect of a bikini body, or a savings account that has more than one digit.

This year, I encourage everyone to make healthy resolutions. Here are five ways you can use your New Years resolution to serve you well in 2021.

Be kind to yourself. We all have that little voice in our head that tells us we aren’t good enough. Make 2021 the year that you are aware of that voice, and choose not to listen to it. There is enough pain out there in the world; we don’t need to be inflicting it upon ourselves.

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Get some sunlight. Especially during winter months, it is important to get enough Vitamin D. Make an effort to go outside 2-3 times a week. Listen to relaxing music and just take a walk. It will do wonders for your mental health.

Find more hobbies. Make 2021 the year of exploration and try all of the things that you ever thought you might enjoy. Personally, I am going to try my hand at crochet. Make a list of hobbies you might like, and try one every week. Hobbies are more than just a way to pass the time, they are also a way to be productive and do something you really enjoy.

Stay in touch. Even if you don’t want to, schedule weekly video calls with family and friends. If this year has taught us one thing, it’s that video calls are almost as good as seeing people in person. Friendships have to be maintained, and weekly video calls are good for everyone’s spirits.

Sleep regularly. The most important resolution you can make is to find a way to sleep better in 2021. Take melatonin, turn off your phone an hour before bed, meditate, or use a massage gun every evening. Whatever you have to do to achieve, and maintain a healthy sleep schedule is what you should focus on. It’ll improve every area of your life.

Whatever you do in 2021, just make sure you are gentle with yourself, don’t expect too much of yourself and others, and focus on the positive things in your life.

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