Five Ways to Deal with Political Stress

With the recent insurrection of the capitol building, tensions are high.

This week was both incredibly shocking, and unsurprising. On Wednesday a group of right-wing extremists stormed the capitol building while Congress was in session, and rioted for several hours.

We are in the middle of a pandemic, with tensions already high, so the last thing we need is political unrest to add fuel to the fire. I know many of us are barely keeping it together mentally, and the stress of a possible insurrection or rebellion is just too much to bear.

That being said, the violence that left five people dead has largely passed, and now we are faced with picking up the pieces and dealing with the anxiety of living in such uncertain times.

So if you have had a rough week dealing with the frightening possibilities, here are five ways you can deal with political stress:

Focus on Family- Our families can be our greatest sense of comfort in these times, provided you don’t disagree on politics. Reaching out to family and loved ones to discuss your stresses and fears is a great way to overcome them, even if you can’t do it in person.

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Express Gratitude- The police and politicians at the capitol building on Wednesday did an admirable job with the situation they were given. There will definitely be questions about the police response, but right now it is very helpful to show gratitude to those who were there, and to let them know that we support them.

Take a Tech Break- Seriously, lock your phone away for a few hours. You will not BELIEVE the amount of stress that disappears when you aren’t constantly plugged in.

Prioritize Fun- This week was a lot to deal with, so you should take a day for yourself. On this day, don’t take things seriously and just have some fun. Whether that involves going sledding in the backyard with your kids, or downing an entire bottle of red wine, more power to you!

Purge Your Friends List- I am not someone who believes that we should cut ourselves off from everyone who doesn’t think the same way we do. I am very much a proponent of reaching across the aisle. That being said, we all just want to feel like we are doing something right now. Purging your friends list of toxic people will both give you a little rush of productivity, and limit your stress in the future.

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