Five Mental Health Reasons to Get a Plant

Plants can be great for your mental health.

I’ve never really been much of a plant person. Keeping my kids alive has been a highlight of my life, but I know myself, and adding the responsibility of a bunch of plants on top of that might not end well.

That being said, this pandemic has changed a lot of things, both personally, and on a global level. Spending so much time in my home has made me come around to the idea of opening up the space to some greenery.

For some people during these lock-downs, plants have been a savior. Especially if you live alone, taking care of a plant can provide some much needed stress relief, help ease depression, and improve your overall mental health. Here are five reasons you should consider getting a plant today!

Nurturing mental health. As human beings, our need to nurture is built into our DNA. Taking care of a plant is rewarding because it makes us feel needed, and gives us a sense of purpose. This promotes positive mental health, especially for people who don’t have many interactions.

Sticking to Routines. Watering your plant regularly will help you stick to a schedule and routine in other areas of your life, which will help keep your organized and less stressed.

Conversational Skills. They say we should talk to our plants, and I personally think it doesn’t hurt. Especially if you live alone, talking to your plants can trick your mind into thinking of it as social interaction.

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Sense of Accomplishment. As your plant grows, you will feel a sense of accomplishment at being the reason it is still alive. And all you have to do is water it regularly!

Maintaining Relationships. A plant is a commitment, so if you have trouble committing to relationships, try starting with a plant. Once you realize that a plant enriches your life, maybe you will feel the same about your people.

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