Three Reasons to Find an Outdoor Workout Buddy

It’s a new year, time to work out!

Thus far, this winter has been relatively mild. The political stress of the administration change has died down, and the Covid-19 pandemic is slowly, but surely, becoming more manageable. Summer is a far-off glint in our eyes, but we all know it is coming, and that it might be time to start working out again.

That being said, going back to exercising after months of a sedentary lifestyle isn’t easy. Gyms all over the country are closed, so we may be limited in how and where we can work out. The solution? Get an outdoor workout buddy!

Outdoor workout buddies are great because it’s like having a partner in crime. You may not always want to work out, but chances are they will. Especially during the winter months its good to have someone to push you to maintain your fitness. Here are three other reasons to find an outdoor workout buddy.

Accountability- There will be days when you don’t want to work out, and days when they don’t. Hopefully these days don’t overlap, because that can become slightly codependent. If it’s the right workout buddy for you, they will keep you motivated even when you just want to sit on the couch with a pint of ice cream.

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Camaraderie- Every time you work out, you will build more memories. Your fitness journeys will align, and it will become an adventure. The camaraderie of having someone to sweat with is unlike any other.

Competition- Light, good-spirited competition can be a really good thing between workout buddies, as long as it stays friendly. Setting individual and partner goals can help move both of your forward, and each of your gains can serve as inspiration for both of you to excel.

So how do you find an outdoor workout buddy? Find someone who wants to work out, but lacks a little motivation, who you aren’t attracted to, but who you could see yourself having a better friendship with. Then, strike a bargain and start motivating each other!

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