Five Goals to Set for 2021

New year, new you?

I think we can all agree that 2020 was an absolute mess from start to finish. 2021 has been on par. Although many things have improved in 2021, we are still living in an unprecedented time, so its very likely that many of our New Years resolutions got swept under the rug.

This post isn’t about resolutions though, it’s about goals. It’s never too late to set new goals and reach them. For many of us, 2021 is going to be a year of immense change and growth. So here are five goals you should make for this year, to improve your life overall.

Be kind to yourself. Spending so much time alone, being cooped up in our homes, and eating everything in site comes with the nasty side effect of being mean to ourselves. That little voice inside your head that tells you that you aren’t good enough has had free range in the past year. Make 2021 the year you stop listening to that little voice. When you realize you are being hard on yourself, give yourself 3 compliments to outweigh the bad thoughts. The world is a rough place, so let’s be gentle with ourselves.

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Learn a new skill. Leveling up your skillset is something anyone can do from the comfort of their own homes, especially with the aid of Youtube. Choose a skill you have always thought you would be good at, and educate yourself!

Adopt a new hobby. Everyone needs a healthy hobby, a creative hobby, and a productive hobby. If you don’t have those three, make 2021 the year that changes. Hobbies not only let us fill the time, but also make us more interesting to other people.

Maintain your relationships. Relationships require maintenance, and now that we are all locked in our homes there is no excuse. Set up regular video calls with your loved ones, and stick to them. There’s never been a better time to get to know your grandparents.

Abandon your comfort zone. Comfort zones are the enemy of personal growth. Since 2021 is about making goals to better your life, find some way to get out of your comfort zone this year. That may mean traveling to a foreign country (if you are legally allowed), hanging out with a new friendship group, trying a new class at the gym, or buying an outfit you secretly always wanted to wear. Whatever you comfort zone is, identify it, and escape it. Life is too short to be comfortable.

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