Five Natural Ways to Support Your Memory

We all must take steps to safeguard our mental state as we age.

One of the biggest tragedies of aging is cognitive decline. As we get older, our minds slow down, and making mental connections become more difficult.

This can be a symptom of regular aging, or a sign of a genetic issue like Alzheimer’s disease. Many factors are at work in terms of mental cognition, and your environment and lifestyle choices play a huge role. Still, there is nothing more heartbreaking than losing your mental abilities, or seeing someone you love lose theirs.

That being said, there are a few things you can do to support your memory and cognition. Here are five natural ways to help prevent memory loss.

Omega-3 supplements- Omega-3 fatty acids help to slow mental decline, as well as fight heart disease, reduce inflammation, and combat stress. A fish oil supplement is an easy way to fight memory loss every day.

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Get enough sleep- It may seem obvious, but getting enough sleep can drastically help improve your memory. Chronic sleep problems over time can lead to cognitive decline. If you do one thing with your life, discover how to get enough sleep, and turn it into a healthy habit.

Cut down on sugar- Added sugar can cause a lot of health problems, memory issues notwithstanding. A high-sugar diet can reduce brain volume, especially in the part of the brain that deals with short term memories.

Reduce refined carbs- Foods with refined carbohydrates like white rice, cereal, cookies, and white bread have a high glycemic index, which causes blood sugar levels to rise quickly and can add to dementia and cognitive decline. If you needed an excuse to cut carbs, use your brain.

Meditation- Meditation not only relieves stress and lowers blood pressure, but it also improves memory. Studies have shown that meditation can actually increase gray matter in the brain, which positively impacts mental cognition. I know it’s difficult to meditate, but you should start while you still remember how.

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