Three Ways to Add More Fiber to Your Diet

Fiber intake is integral to your overall health.

Fiber isn’t really something we concern ourselves with until our 30s. When you’re younger, you really don’t spend too much time thinking about your body’s digestive processes.

When you get a little older and things start to change, you begin to consider crazy things, like whether or not your body is getting the nutrients it actually needs to function.

Fiber helps regulate many functions of the colon, digestive system, metabolism and immune system. The recommended daily intake of fiber is 25 grams for women, and 38 for men, but experts say it’s okay to go above and beyond because everybody’s fiber needs are different.

One of the easiest ways to regulate your fiber is to take Metamucil supplements. There are however, natural ways to include it into your diet. Here are three ways to increase your fiber:

Flaxseeds- Just one tablespoon of flaxseeds contains 2.8 grams of fiber, and they can be added to many things, like salads. Keep them refrigerated though!

Avocado- A full avocado contains around 8-9 grams of fiber, not to mention all the other health benefits. If you ever needed an excuse to order the avocado toast, here it is.

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Psyllium seeds: Many fiber supplements are actually made of psyllium husk, and one tablespoon of the seeds contains 7 grams of fiber. Keep them in your fridge and add them to various meals throughout the day to support your digestion.

If you are confused as to whether or not you need more fiber, consider your bowel movements. If they are anything other than an absolute pleasure, chances are you need more fiber in your diet.

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