Four Types of Small Group Exercises

The quarantine cloud is lifting, so it’s a good time for some group exercise!

Now that things seem to be on the upswing, I’m willing to be a lot of us are looking down at our bellies in terror, thinking we don’t have enough time to get in shape before bikini season.

Luckily, group exercise is a great way to maintain accountability and shed some extra pounds. It’s easier on the trainer because they can take on more clients at once. It’s easier on the clients because they can invite friends along for accountability, and still get personalized attention.

So if you are thinking about getting back in shape for summer, consider small group training!

Here are the four types of group exercise, to help you better understand what you’re signing up for:

Circuit training- Best done with limited equipment, circuit training is where the trainer sets up various exercise stations, and the clients rotate through the stations doing a certain amount of reps at each, or exercising for a certain amount of time. The benefit to this is that circuit training can work for clients of all different skill sets and fitness levels.

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Equipment training- This type of group training involves specific equipment, like exercise bands, kettle bells, or suspension equipment. The trainer curates certain exercises for the clients, and then walks around giving personal attention and corrections.

Skill training- This type of training focuses on one goal, like training for a marathon, or improving a golf swing. The exercises involved focus mainly on the targeted muscle groups, and the clients are all generally looking for a similar result.

Goal training- For clients who want to lose weight, or increase mobility, goal training is the right choice. Goal training centers around a specific general goal, and its ideal for a group of friends who have a specific outcome in mind.

Regardless of which group training method is right for you, having the camaraderie of like-minded people around you makes a lot of difference. All you need to do is round up some friends, find a trainer, and get your fitness on!

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