Five Best Natural Deodorants for Athletes

Any athlete will tell you, deodorant is a must.

Finding the right deodorant can be a tricky process, especially for an athlete. Not only do you have to find one that smells good, but your body will eventually get used to any deodorant you use, so you also have to switch it up.

Many deodorants also contain aluminum and other not-so-great ingredients so it becomes even trickier when you are looking for something all-natural.

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Still, according to the rules of polite society (that don’t always apply on the field) its important to smell good. Here are five great all-natural deodorants to try out (and cycle through, when your body gets acclimated to them and they stop working):

Ursa Major $18- Ursa Major is unisex, sweat-absorbing, and long lasting. What more could you want?

Megababe $14- Megababe is baking soda-free, so if baking soda irritates your armpits, it is a great natural option.

Milk + Honey $16- Milk + Honey is great because it is both an anti-perspirant and deodorant.

Violets $25- Violets is a scent-free deodorant, and contains magnesium to block body odor.

Schmidt’s Jasmine Tea $10 – Schmidt’s Jasmine Tea is perfect for sensitive skin, and contains magnesium instead of baking soda with a pleasant jasmine scent.

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