Six Reasons You May Be Tired All the Time

Do you often feel lethargic for no real reason?

I feel like I can speak for every mother out there when I say that feeling tired is a very common occurrence. In fact, modern life comes with all kinds of stressors that make us tired, and keep us tired. That being said, if you find that you always feel lethargic and don’t know why, there may be other reasons.

A general lack of energy can come from your diet, but there may also be many other small reasons that don’t even cross your mind. Here are six possible reasons why you may be tired all the time. Motherhood doesn’t count, because it goes without saying.

Sensitivity to Food- Your diet is probably the main reason you are tired, especially if you aren’t eating enough foods with high amounts of raw energy.  Food sensitivities can cause many bodily symptoms like rashes, headaches, and issues with digestion. Food sensitivities or allergies can also play a part, however. If you are curious about this, ask your doctor, or get an Everly Well test.

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Refined Carbs- Carbs are, generally speaking, good for creating energy, since they break down into sugar and can be used to fuel the body. Processed carbs and refined sugars however, cause your blood sugar to spike, and then fall which will leave you feeling tired.

Lack of Sleep- I know this one is fairly obvious, but you should treat your sleeping schedule like you would anything else, and make sure you get an adequate amount every night. If you have problems sleeping, you should make it a priority to find a solution that works for you, since it is arguably the most important process of the human body.

Lack of Protein- Protein helps to boost your metabolism, which can help to combat tiredness. High protein diets create more amino acids, which also helps fight fatigue.

Dehydration- Energy levels actually rely a lot on hydration, and when you are dehydrated you will not only feel tired, but also have trouble concentrating. Maintaining your hydration levels should be a priority regardless, but especially if you suffer from chronic fatigue.

High Stress- We all lead fairly stressful lives, but excessive stress can also lead to problems with feeling tired. Your response to stress can also greatly effect your overall quality of life. So if you feel exhausted all the time, taking the time to meditate or be mindful may be the answer.

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