How to Snap Yourself Out of a Mental Funk

You must be mindful of your mental health.

The past five years or so have been a real test for the mental health of all Americans. Between the stress of politics and the pandemic, depression rates have skyrocketed, and mental health has come to the forefront in terms of the public discussion of overall wellness.

The term self-care has also become a much more frequently used term, and people are paying more attention to their emotional and mental state.

All of this is a good outcome of a very bad situation. It is very important to check in with yourself, survey your mental state, and be proactive about mental funks and depressions.

“Going through it” is a phrase I often use because minor depressions are typically temporary, and will go away on their own, given time. The only way to actually get “through it” is to keep going, however. So if you find yourself in a mental funk, here are a few ways you can counteract it, and get back to a good mental space.

Get outdoors- Hiking, biking, walking, or driving outdoors are a few of my favorite ways to relieve the stress of a mental funk. Taking yourself out of your surroundings allows you to process emotions, and reflect on your life from a different vantage point. Being in nature will also activate your gratitude, and you will return to your normal life with a fresh perspective.

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Laugh- This may sound counter-intuitive since you probably won’t feel like laughing if you are depressed, but sometimes watching a comedy special on Netflix will force your mind into a better place.

Journal- Journaling is by far the best way to self-reflect and process your feelings although it can be hard to get into for some people. My advice is not to think about it too much—just start writing and don’t censor yourself.

Lean into it- Sometimes sitting at home in the dark binge-watching is the best way to get through a depression. Leaning into it, and allowing yourself the space to feel crappy can sometimes be exactly what you need to snap out of it.

Sing- Artistic expression and being creative is one way to channel your depression into something positive. Singing can be especially cathartic, especially on a long drive in the car.

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