Five Foods to Combat Psoriasis Naturally

Fight psoriasis flare-ups with your diet.

Any psoriasis sufferer will tell you that flare-ups of itchy, scaly skin can happen at any time. Triggers for psoriasis flare-ups vary widely, and are often difficult to diagnose or track.

Common psoriasis triggers include infections, dry weather, skin injuries, smoking, alcohol, and stress. While most of these triggers are hard, if not impossible to avoid, you can help counteract them through measures that you can control, such as stress levels and diet.
Everyone’s dietary needs are different so there is no magical cure-all for psoriasis treatment. That being said, changing your diet can have positive effects on your overall health, and your stress levels; two things which are tied to psoriasis flare-ups.
Your best bet to combat psoriasis through your diet is to adopt a plant-based, clean diet with lots of whole foods, including the following:
Fruits and Veggies- Vegetables with a high fiber content tend to be anti-inflammatory. You should also aim for foods that contain antioxidants. Leafy greens, winter squashes, blueberries, radishes, and yellow beets are good examples.
Omega 3-fatty acids- Omega-3’s help to lower inflammation, cholesterol, blood pressure, and stress. So foods like salmon, shellfish, flax seeds, walnuts, and soybeans will help keep your psoriasis in check.

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Protein- High-quality proteins like eggs, beans, nuts, and wild fish can help reduce inflammation, thereby fighting flare-ups.
Dietary Fats- Unsaturated fats, like the kind the come from avocados, coconut oils, and olive oils can help reduce the risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. They can also improve your overall health, and combat psoriasis symptoms.
Vitamin D- Vitamin D is generally considered to be a treatment for psoriasis in topical form, however ingesting it could also help to prevent flare-ups. Foods like eggs, fortified orange juice, and salmon are high in Vitamin D.

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