Five At-Home Flu Remedies

Prepare for Flu season with preventative measures.


Flu season is steadily approaching. After living through a worldwide pandemic I’m sure we are all a little less concerned with something like a common cold, but that being said, nobody likes being sick.

There are a wide range of over the counter medications out there to treat cold and flu symptoms, but they come with side effects. The best way to treat illness is to not get sick in the first place.

I know that is the same justification they use in abstinence education, but in this instance nobody willingly tries to go out and get sick. So if you can prevent an illness just by adding a few things to your diet or taking some supplements, you will only be happier for it.

Here are five at-home flu remedies to prevent and treat the flu.

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Ginger- Sliced ginger in boiling water can be used to soothe a sore throat, and help alleviate nausea.

Echinacea- Echinacea contains flavonoids with therapeutic properties that can boost your immune system, reduce inflammation, and reduce your chances of catching the flu by as much as 50% according to some studies.

Garlic- Garlic contains allicin, which has antimicrobial properties and can help fight cold symptoms.

Vitamin C- Vitamin C can help support your immune system and clear up respiratory illnesses and reduce phlegm when consumed as a drink.

Probiotics – Probiotics found in greek yogurt and supplements can help support your immune system and prevent upper respiratory infections

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