Should Pregnant Women Get Vaccinated?

Research has shown that pregnant people are at greater health risk for illness and complications from contracting COVID-19.

Since the vaccines began rolling out in late 2020, there has been a lot of confusion about who should get vaccinated, and what the potential complications might be, especially for pregnant people. From the beginning however, the CDC has stated that getting vaccinated does not adversely affect the health of your child, or increase the risk of birth defects. 

In fact, pregnant people who are unvaccinated are much more likely to experience preterm birth issues or complicated pregnancies from contracting COVID-19.

A recent study from NYU discovered an added benefit to getting vaccinated while pregnant. Newborns whose mothers were vaccinated with either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine were born with high levels of antibodies for COVID-19.

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This means that pregnant people can not only protect themselves by getting vaccinated, but their unborn children as well.

Babies whose mothers had been vaccinated within 13 weeks of the delivery date had higher antibody levels than those who were vaccinated earlier on in the pregnancy. 

Given how widespread the Omicron variant is, the CDC and public health officials are encouraging all pregnant people to get vaccinated.

At the end of the day we all have to make our own choices. However I am here to tell you that vaccinations have been approved as safe for pregnant people and their unborn children.

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