How to Get Your Free COVID-19 Tests From the Government

The government is sending out free COVID-19 tests via USPS.

With the Omicron variant rampaging the country (although it should be near it’s peak at this point) there has never been a more important time to know your status. Omicron doesn’t always come with symptoms, especially for vaccinated people, so the amount of positive people who don’t know their status has increased exponentially. Combine this with relaxed guidelines of masks and the politics of vaccination in general, and you get the perfect storm of infections.

Luckily, the Biden administration is sending out four free tests to every American household who requests them.

It’s actually really simple. You just have to go to and put in your name and address information. The tests usually arrive between 7-12 days and there is no cost to you whatsoever. 

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The Biden administration is also currently working on a program to send free N-95 masks to every American household. More to come on that, so stay tuned.

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