How to Hydrate Dry Lips

Dry lips can ruin your winter.

As anyone who lived through the winter storm that hit the East Coast this past week can tell you, having dry lips is no fun. The winter months are especially hard on our lips, and our skin in general.

During cold months you should adjust your skincare regimen (think creams instead of serums), but you should also pay special attention to your lips.

There are many reasons why dry lips happen, from sun damage, to eczema and dermatitis. Here are five such reasons, and how to remedy them.

Dehydration- The skin on your lips is thinner than elsewhere on your body, so it’s often the first place you will see signs of dehydration. Drinking plenty of water will eliminate this problem. In face, you should probably drink a glass of water right now.

Vitamin Deficiencies- Zinc and B vitamins are especially important for plump, moisturized lips. Taking a supplement during the winter is a great way to keep your levels up.

Sun Damage- The sun can dry out lips fairly quickly, since lips naturally have less UV protection from melanin. Wearing a lip balm with SPF is important.

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Face Masks- Even though this isn’t a problem we ever thought we would encounter, masks can trap moisture on the lips, so when they are removed it creates the opposite effect and dries them out. A little lip balm goes a long way in this instance.

Poor Quality Lip Balms- Using Blistex or other checkout line lip balms can actually be bad for your lips. Any lip balm with mineral oil should be avoided. Try beeswax or shea butter lip balm instead.

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