Five Surprising Triggers for Depression

Knowing what triggers your depression can help you manage your mental health.

Depression is a common illness, affecting 280 million people worldwide. When you think of depression, you may think of people shuttered away in their bedrooms with the curtains drawn, unable to get out of bed. While this is one form of depression, there are many different types, with many different triggers.

Sometimes depression looks like the inability to make decisions, or feeling intense anxiety about social situations. Some people who are depressed don’t outwardly show symptoms at all, choosing instead to compartmentalize their feelings and ‘get on with life’.

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Whether your depression is mild or severe, chances are you have experienced it at some point in your life. Paying attention to your moods will only help increase your emotional intelligence and allow you to identify your own personal triggers for depression. This way, when a depressive episode is imminent, you can better pinpoint the cause, and work through the emotions as they come.

The triggers of depression are different for everyone, but here are five surprising causes of depression.

Seasonal Changes- Seasonal Affective Disorder occurs in 5% of adults in the US. It typically happens during winter months and is linked to a deficiency of Vitamin D. Taking supplements and getting more sunshine during winter months can help alleviate the symptoms.

Sleeping Schedule- Keeping a steady sleep schedule is one of the best ways you can fight depression, as your circadian rhythms are directly linked to your mental and emotional health.

Social Media- Spending too much time on social media can wreak havoc on your emotions. Regulating your screen time and staying off your phone an hour before bed are two ways to combat this particular type of depression. 

Birth Control/Prescription Medications- The pill, as well as other prescription medications affect your hormones, which in turn can mess with your emotions, especially if you suffer from depression. If you suspect your prescription medication might be causing your depression, consult your physician.

Sex Life- Studies have shown that the less satisfying your sex life is, the more at risk you are for depression. I’m not saying you should try and heal your depression by having sex, but being mindful of your sex life, and considering it a form of self care can help in terms of emotional health and well being.

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