Can Your Skin Reveal Whether or Not You are Stressed?

Believe it or not, your stress shows on your face.

It’s a well known fact that going through major life stressors, like divorce, death, or relocation can wreak havoc on our stress levels, which ages us prematurely. Ask anyone who has gone through a major life upheaval; it shows up in their eyes and can be seen in the wrinkles on their faces.

Stress is unavoidable, and recent studies have shown that even small stressors can affect our skin texture and cause things like oiliness and acne.

It all comes back to cortisol. When our bodies are stressed, they release cortisol, which has a direct effect on the way our skin looks.

Inflamed, irritated skin: If you suffer from psoriasis, eczema, or general dry skin conditions, stress can only exacerbate them. So if your dry skin is causing you regular issues, the culprit may be anxiety-based and require stress management.

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Oily, acne-prone skin: Stress throws all of our hormones out of whack, including the chemicals that cause oily skin and acne. While you can treat these conditions with things like salicylic acid, general stress-relief measures can also help.

Thin, sensitive skin: High cortisol levels can cause the breakdown of skin, making it appear thinner, and more prone to bruising. If you experience this, you may actually suffer from chronic stress and anxiety, and should consider discussing it with your physician.

Delayed healing: If wounds take a long time to heal, it might mean that your epidermis has become weaker due to prolonged stress.You can try and repair your skin barrier with flaxseed oil, but overall stress-relief tactics are also necessary.

Dark circles: If you have dark circles under your eyes that you can’t seem to escape, stress may be to blame. Regulating your sleep cycle is the best way to combat this, and you can use supplements like Valerian Root or Passionflower to aid your circadian rhythms.

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