How to Teach Your Kids to Eat Healthy for Life

Getting your children to eat healthy is hard, so how do we teach them to eat healthy for the rest of their lives? As a mother, I know that we are always faced with the decision of cooking something healthy for our kids, or taking the easy way out and getting takeout. Even the strongestContinue reading “How to Teach Your Kids to Eat Healthy for Life”

How to Create the Perfect Staycation

Weekend staycations are an essential for every busy family. As a working mom, I talk a lot about relaxation, mostly because finding time to relax is the most important thing you can do to keep your work-life-family balance running smoothly. Vacations are obviously the easiest way to relax, but we can’t all up and leaveContinue reading “How to Create the Perfect Staycation”

Can Yoga Help You With Infertility?

One in eight couples experiences fertility issues, but can yoga be a solution? As the mother to multiple children, I am very lucky that I haven’t encountered any issues with fertility. I also know how how much of a blessing children can be, so it is heartbreaking to me when couples who want nothing moreContinue reading “Can Yoga Help You With Infertility?”

How to Get Rid of Sand after Visiting the Beach with Your Family

Love the beach, but despise sand tracking on your floors, sheets, and bathtubs? I am the first one to raise my hand for an awesome sun-filled day at the beach, but I am a big fan of leaving the sand by the ocean. Here are some great hacks to coming closer to entering a sand-freeContinue reading “How to Get Rid of Sand after Visiting the Beach with Your Family”

Five Secrets to Multi-Tasking

Tips and tricks on how to accomplish more with multi-tasking. They often say that multi-tasking actually isn’t possible, because you can only really pay attention to one thing at any given time. I am here to tell you as a working mom, that multi-tasking is not only possible, but necessary. While I believe it isContinue reading “Five Secrets to Multi-Tasking”

Work Life Balance as an Orthopaedic Surgeon, Part 2

More motherly advice on how to balance your family and career. As any working mother can tell you, balance is deceiving, and it is more of a juggling act than a crisply conducted orchestra. The balls in the air are: children, entrepreneurship, friends, happiness, health, “me”, relatives, spouse, and work. There is no specific orderContinue reading “Work Life Balance as an Orthopaedic Surgeon, Part 2”

3 Ways to Sooth Your Spring Allergies Without Medicine

Tips and tricks on how to defeat the pollen this season. Even though I am a doctor, I understand that there are all kind of remedies out there that don’t involve medicine. If you find something homeopathic or natural that works for you, then why go through the hubbub of going to a doctor andContinue reading “3 Ways to Sooth Your Spring Allergies Without Medicine”

Tips for Moms: Natural Herb Remedies for a Hangover

After a long night out, these natural remedies can help cure your hangover. As women and mothers, we often take on a lot of stress in our lives. Whether you are trying to balance your checkbook, your work and life, or your 10 children, some times we just need to let loose and have aContinue reading “Tips for Moms: Natural Herb Remedies for a Hangover”

3 Morning Habits To Keep You Optimistic

Staying positive all day is a little easier with these three habits. I can’t tell you how often I am asked how I maintain a positive attitude, even in the most chaotic of times. Being a mother of four and a full-time surgeon is no easy job obviously, and I find it a real challengeContinue reading “3 Morning Habits To Keep You Optimistic”

How to Exercise Safely During Pregnancy

This is an excerpt from an article I wrote with Drs. Lamikanra and Halim on “Female Athletes: Unique Challenges Facing Women Warriors” published in The American Journal of Orthopedics in January 2016. Women in sports can typically continue their athletic regimens during pregnancy.  It is advantageous to do so if medically warranted for both physicalContinue reading “How to Exercise Safely During Pregnancy”