The Bad Food Habits of Millennials

Millennials may be great at taking selfies, but they aren’t great at nutrition. We are living in the age of the millennial, and though I don’t agree with all the habits of this generation (such as texting instead of talking, and dating exclusively on apps), there are a lot of good things about millennials, suchContinue reading “The Bad Food Habits of Millennials”

The Power of Teammates- Both On and Off the Field

Teammates can be a great support system, not only in sports, but in life, too. Ahhh, I remember my lacrosse career fondly–the days of preparing for that big game, practicing with your best friends, and celebrating the huge wins and the tough losses. We are celebrating the 20th anniversary of Duke Lacrosse this weekend andContinue reading “The Power of Teammates- Both On and Off the Field”

The Travails of a Duke Chemistry Major

  Majoring in Chemistry definitely isn’t for everyone. With the latest international news of Duke Chemistry Professor Paul Modrich winning a Nobel Prize for research in “mismatch DNA repair,” I decided to reflect on being a chemistry major at Duke University. Majoring in chemistry at Duke is probably most known for enticing 300 people toContinue reading “The Travails of a Duke Chemistry Major”

How to De-Stress at work

Sometimes, it’s important to de-stress while on the job. After operating at 11 pm on a Saturday, I was thinking about the ways I try to de-stress when I am “on-call”, or taking care of orthopaedic emergencies during non-business hours. In our field, as in many others, it helps to walk into the operating roomContinue reading “How to De-Stress at work”

Long Flights: How to Decrease the Risk of Blood Clots

Blood clots are a big risk on long flights. Luckily, they are preventable. As an orthopaedic surgeon, one medical condition we are always trying to prevent is a blood clot. Not only are blood clots not very fun, but unfortunately they can also be fatal. An article in the Guardian, A British Daily newspaper, broughtContinue reading “Long Flights: How to Decrease the Risk of Blood Clots”

Your First Time Meditating: What NOT to Do

How to work meditation into your daily routine. I am surrounded by people who meditate; my brother, my friends, and patients all rave about how it brings them zen. Since I am a mom on the go, my goal for meditation was to bring a sense of peace to my home of four children. IContinue reading “Your First Time Meditating: What NOT to Do”