Is Chronic Stress Negatively Impacting Your Health?

Chronic stress can affect your overall physical health if left untreated. Stress is not always a bad thing. In certain circumstances, stress can help you be more productive and meet important deadlines. In small amounts, stress can actually be a helpful tool to keep you on track, or motivate you to achieve something. Stress becomesContinue reading “Is Chronic Stress Negatively Impacting Your Health?”

How to Reduce Anxiety with Your Diet

Anxiety doesn’t have to rule your life. If you suffer from anxiety, you know that it isn’t an easy problem to navigate. Excessive anxiety can lead to fear, tension, irritability, interpersonal issues, relationship issues, muscle tension, and elevated heart rate. Chronic anxiety can be a factor in more serious health issues like hypertension and cardiovascularContinue reading “How to Reduce Anxiety with Your Diet”

Five Natural Ways to Combat Lockdown Anxiety

Quarantine anxiety is a huge negative side effect of COVID-19. Whether we are fully addicted to stress, or just face a few uncomfortable moments every day, anxiety is a natural part of our lives. We all face anxiety under normal circumstances, from deadlines at our job, to problems in our relationships, and even small thingsContinue reading “Five Natural Ways to Combat Lockdown Anxiety”

Understanding Stress: Acute Versus Chronic

All stressors are not created equal. Hands down, stress is one of the worst things for your overall health. When you are feeling anxious it creates small health effects, such as raised blood pressure and feelings of depression. When you compound those side effects over time, they can lead to more serious problems like cardiovascularContinue reading “Understanding Stress: Acute Versus Chronic”

Is it Better for Society if Instagram Does Away with LIKES?

Social media absolutely affects your mental health. We live in an interesting time. We put our entire lives online for the world to see, and then get mad if people aren’t looking. Personal privacy used to be something we valued, but now we want the world to know everything there is to know about us.Continue reading “Is it Better for Society if Instagram Does Away with LIKES?”

Five Reasons to Practice Active Mindfulness

If meditation doesn’t work for you, try mindfulness. As an orthopaedic surgeon and a mom, I am no stranger to stress. I try and meditate as much as possible, but with the fast pace of life, sometimes it just isn’t realistic for me. The other evening, I caught myself with a free moment and foundContinue reading “Five Reasons to Practice Active Mindfulness”

Fight Stress by Eating? Try These Five Stress-reducing Foods

Did you know you can help fight anxiety naturally? Unfortunately for most of humanity, stress is unavoidable. We feel stress when we wake up and realize we have to work all day, when we get behind on personal projects, when our children decide to randomly turn into untamed beasts, and even when we are justContinue reading “Fight Stress by Eating? Try These Five Stress-reducing Foods”

Tips and Tricks to Avoid Burning Out

Burnout is a huge problem in our modern society. In our daily lives, burnout is a constant and real threat. In terms of fitness and working out, burnout happens when you work out too hard, for too long, without taking any breaks for recovery. Burnout can happen in any area of our life, however. InContinue reading “Tips and Tricks to Avoid Burning Out”

How to Tell if You Suffer From Chronic Stress

Chronic stress can cause serious complications to your health. When it comes to your health, stress is a really important thing to be cognizant of. Stress, especially chronic stress can be linked to heart disease, stroke, and even some kinds of cancer. Overall, stress is rough on your immune system, so if you aren’t takingContinue reading “How to Tell if You Suffer From Chronic Stress”