Five Important Considerations for Winter Workouts

Winter fitness comes with its own set of rules. Working out during the Covid-19 pandemic has been a challenge for everyone. During the summer however, it was easy to go outside and get exercise. During the winter, the most difficult exercise we want to do is raising a mug of cocoa to our lips, whileContinue reading “Five Important Considerations for Winter Workouts”

Summer is Over. How to Maintain Your Fitness This Winter

Your fitness must be maintained, regardless of the season. Summer has unfortunately come to a close. That doesn’t mean we can forget about our fitness however! The lockdown has undoubtedly caused us to adopt a more sedentary lifestyle, so chances are we may not have really reached our fitness goals this summer. Things are openingContinue reading “Summer is Over. How to Maintain Your Fitness This Winter”

The Pros and Cons of Cold Workouts Via PopSugar

Are cold workouts the newest trend in fitness? Recently, I had the awesome experience of collaborating on an article with Lauren Pardee, from Popsugar. The article focused on the benefits and drawbacks of working out in colder temperatures. Below are a few quotes from the article. You can read the full post here: A SportsContinue reading “The Pros and Cons of Cold Workouts Via PopSugar”

Winter Workouts That Burn a Ton of Calories

How to keep fit during the holiday months. Thanksgiving is over. Christmas looms on the horizon. Our summer bodies are all but gone, as we trudge up the slow climb between holidays, and fight the onset of seasonal depression. I’m sorry, I know that sounded negative, but its true that the winter months can beContinue reading “Winter Workouts That Burn a Ton of Calories”