How to Build Self-Confidence in Your Children

Raising a confident child is harder than it may seem. No matter what you decide to do with your life, confidence is key. And yet, confidence isn’t something we are taught in schools. It is something we learn from our experiences and our upbringing. Confident people generally become that way because they either had goodContinue reading “How to Build Self-Confidence in Your Children”

Confidence Differences in Female Versus Male Surgeons

Do female and male surgeons share the same confidence levels? Being a female surgeon in a male dominated field comes with its own sense of challenges. On one hand, it is exhilarating to know that I am responsible for my patients’ health. On the other, as with any other field of employment there are timesContinue reading “Confidence Differences in Female Versus Male Surgeons”

The Importance of Confidence

All the practical and physical skills in the world won’t get you very far without confidence. I have been the lucky recipient of confidence from my years of playing sports. My initial journey into sports started as more of a follower who was intrigued by learning new things. I tried many different sports growing up:Continue reading “The Importance of Confidence”