How to Get Your Free COVID-19 Tests From the Government

The government is sending out free COVID-19 tests via USPS. With the Omicron variant rampaging the country (although it should be near it’s peak at this point) there has never been a more important time to know your status. Omicron doesn’t always come with symptoms, especially for vaccinated people, so the amount of positive peopleContinue reading “How to Get Your Free COVID-19 Tests From the Government”

Should Pregnant Women Get Vaccinated?

Research has shown that pregnant people are at greater health risk for illness and complications from contracting COVID-19. Since the vaccines began rolling out in late 2020, there has been a lot of confusion about who should get vaccinated, and what the potential complications might be, especially for pregnant people. From the beginning however, theContinue reading “Should Pregnant Women Get Vaccinated?”

Understanding the New CDC Covid Guidelines

The CDC recently released new guidelines, leaving some people more confused than ever. I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve been feeling a little discombobulated about this whole pandemic. Initially, it was pretty cut and dry; there was a worldwide pandemic threatening health globally and we all needed to stay indoors to help flattenContinue reading “Understanding the New CDC Covid Guidelines”