7 Foods to Keep you Full Longer

Staying full after eating is half the battle in terms of weight loss. When it comes to a healthy, balanced diet, one of the problems we face is how to eat foods that will keep us full. Generally speaking, lots of healthy foods taste great, but don’t really fill us up. We then turn toContinue reading “7 Foods to Keep you Full Longer”

How to Reduce Anxiety with Your Diet

Anxiety doesn’t have to rule your life. If you suffer from anxiety, you know that it isn’t an easy problem to navigate. Excessive anxiety can lead to fear, tension, irritability, interpersonal issues, relationship issues, muscle tension, and elevated heart rate. Chronic anxiety can be a factor in more serious health issues like hypertension and cardiovascularContinue reading “How to Reduce Anxiety with Your Diet”

15 Foods to Boost Your Immunity

Now is a great time to support your immune system. Cold weather is coming. With the change in temperature, we also have to contend with illnesses, cramped quarters, and the potential for a spike in Covid-19 infections. Our immune systems are pretty well equipped to handle many situations, but right now they could probably useContinue reading “15 Foods to Boost Your Immunity”

Top Three Healthiest Cooking Oils

How you prepare your food is almost as important as what you eat. I will be the first to say that not all cooking oils are created equal. If you want proof of this, try making an omelet with anything but butter. It tastes different, obviously. However the oils we use to cook our foodContinue reading “Top Three Healthiest Cooking Oils”

Can an Avocado a Day Keep the Doctor Away?

Avocados are the king of all superfoods. When it comes to superfoods, avocados are by far my favorite. I’ve actually been snacking on them a lot lately because they’ve been on sale at the grocery store, and it reminded me of just how valuable avocados are to my diet. We all know they are amazingContinue reading “Can an Avocado a Day Keep the Doctor Away?”

Healthy Reasons to Add More Grapes to Your Diet

And yes, wine is one of them. Recently at the grocery store, I saw that grapes were on sale and decided to buy a bag just for fun. I don’t normally eat grapes all that much, especially as a snack, so I decided to live dangerously. It reminded me that grapes aren’t something you justContinue reading “Healthy Reasons to Add More Grapes to Your Diet”

Fight Stress by Eating? Try These Five Stress-reducing Foods

Did you know you can help fight anxiety naturally? Unfortunately for most of humanity, stress is unavoidable. We feel stress when we wake up and realize we have to work all day, when we get behind on personal projects, when our children decide to randomly turn into untamed beasts, and even when we are justContinue reading “Fight Stress by Eating? Try These Five Stress-reducing Foods”

Six Reasons to Add More Beets Into Your Diet

Beets are surprisingly rich in many nutrients necessary for your health. If you are looking for a way to change up your diet, you should strongly consider adding more beets to your meals. Saying that beets are an acquired taste is probably an understatement, since they have a strong, earthy flavor (and by earthy, IContinue reading “Six Reasons to Add More Beets Into Your Diet”

Are Figs the Next Great Superfood?

Greek figs have many surprising health benefits. Of all the Mediterranean foods available at the grocery store, I feel like figs are the most under-rated. I am always looking for new ways to add healthy nutrients into my family’s diet, and lately I’ve discovered just how good for you, figs really are. In ancient Greece,Continue reading “Are Figs the Next Great Superfood?”

How to Add More Magnesium to Your Diet

Its time to start paying attention to magnesium. Magnesium may a funny word, but the mineral actually plays a very important part in many bodily functions, such as blood pressure regulation, balanced blood sugar, nerve function, energy production, and even DNA synthesis. Magnesium, even though it is the fourth most prevalent mineral in your body,Continue reading “How to Add More Magnesium to Your Diet”