Five Surprising Superfoods to Try

It’s never a bad time to add superfoods to your diet. Spring is around the corner again, so we are probably all spending a little more time thinking about our diets. When I say ‘diets’, I mean that general rule book of what you put into your body, which has probably completely gone out theContinue reading “Five Surprising Superfoods to Try”

Do Low Carb Diets Affect Decision Making?

A new study found that low carb diets can change the way you make decisions. Its pretty much a proven fact that cutting carbs from your diet is one of the quickest ways to shed pounds. Anyone who has ever done this however, can tell you that it also comes with a slew of sideContinue reading “Do Low Carb Diets Affect Decision Making?”

How to Stop Binging Food at Night

Binge eating at night can kill your diet. I always say that I am in favor of adopting an overall healthy lifestyle of proper eating and balanced fitness, but I know that for many people, diets are a more viable option. The problem with diets is that it’s so easy to slip up, and oneContinue reading “How to Stop Binging Food at Night”

How to Avoid Gaining Holiday Weight

The holidays are a great reason to overeat, but we should all still show some restraint. As someone who comes from a big family, in the past I have been guilty of overindulging from time to time during the holidays. I love a second helping of pie as much as the next mom, but whatContinue reading “How to Avoid Gaining Holiday Weight”