Five Ways to Keep Your Skin Moisturized

Moisture is not something you should take for granted. If you suffer from dry skin, you should moisturize. If you are over 20, you should moisturize. If you live in a higher altitude client, you should moisturize. If it’s winter, you should moisturize. I don’t know if you are sensing a common thread here, butContinue reading “Five Ways to Keep Your Skin Moisturized”

Six Natural Remedies for Dandruff

Learn how to combat dandruff the natural way. Summer is basically here, which means we want to get outside more, take on more activities, and be more social. Nothing kills that vibe quite like dandruff however, because flakes of dead skin on your shoulders is always a bit embarrassing. Dandruff effects up to 50% ofContinue reading “Six Natural Remedies for Dandruff”