How to Sneak in Exercise During the Holidays

The holiday season may be where exercise and fitness go to die, but it doesn’t have to be! I come from a large family, and as such, I understand that the holiday season is pretty much a black hole in terms of fitness and healthy eating. Not only do we have to contend with familyContinue reading “How to Sneak in Exercise During the Holidays”

Five Ways to Convince Yourself to Work Out

Sometimes you just need a good reason to hit the gym. Every person who has ever worked out has had to fight the internal battle of whether to exercise, or stay home in bed. In fact, most of the times I think staying home in bed probably wins out, because taking the easy way outContinue reading “Five Ways to Convince Yourself to Work Out”

What You Should Know About Exercise and Multiple Sclerosis?

Exercise cannot help prevent MS, but it may help women deal with it. Multiple Sclerosis is a debilitating disease wherein a person’s immune system attacks their central nervous system and creates all kinds of unpredictable symptoms, from fatigue, to dizziness, difficulty walking, numbness, vision issues, and problems with the bladder or bowel. Depression is alsoContinue reading “What You Should Know About Exercise and Multiple Sclerosis?”

Can Your Friends Affect How Much You Run?

Competitiveness between friends can create more fitness success in your life. I don’t know about you, but I tend to be a solo runner. Since my schedule is so hectic with the kids and job, I often find it hard to work in my runs, and thus hard to schedule those runs with other people.Continue reading “Can Your Friends Affect How Much You Run?”

Can you Train Your Brain to Look Forward to Exercise?

The best way to implement a habit is to train your brain. I’m sure if you are reading this and have internet access, you are familiar with how forming habits can help us be more productive in our everyday lives. You train your brain to wake up at a certain time every day, and thusContinue reading “Can you Train Your Brain to Look Forward to Exercise?”

What Causes Chest Pain While Running?

If you experience chest pain while running, don’t necessarily panic. Anyone who has ever run a significant distance knows that sometimes it comes with a little chest pain as an added bonus. As if getting out of bed isn’t hard enough, feeling chest pain while exercises automatically triggers all kinds of worries and could haveContinue reading “What Causes Chest Pain While Running?”

Can Exercise Reduce Your Risk of UTI’s and Infections?

New research suggests that regular exercise can help protect you against bacterial infections. If you have ever had a urinary tract infection, you know that they are no walk in the park (no pun intended). I am sure you have been told that you should always pee after sex to reduce your chances, but whatContinue reading “Can Exercise Reduce Your Risk of UTI’s and Infections?”

Five Beginner’s Yoga Mistakes to Avoid

How to succeed at yoga, even at the beginner’s level. They say everyone has to start somewhere, and yoga is no exception. Even though I am an orthopaedic surgeon, I truly believe that a lot of health problems in life can be avoided with regular stress relief exercises, and yoga is at the top ofContinue reading “Five Beginner’s Yoga Mistakes to Avoid”

Three Times You Shouldn’t Work Out

Working out isn’t always the best thing for every situation. I know this may seem confusing, since I am pretty much always pro exercise, especially when it can be difficult to fit into our schedules, but working out isn’t always the answer to life’s problems. When it comes to your health you have to takeContinue reading “Three Times You Shouldn’t Work Out”

How to Do a Perfect Squat

Tips on how to achieve the perfect squat. Interestingly, although my main job is operating on bones and joints, I tend to discuss better fitness plans with patients when I see them in my office. I like to focus on preventive orthopaedic surgery just as much as I like surgically creating a new ACL forContinue reading “How to Do a Perfect Squat”