How to Create a Healthier Home This Spring

Spring cleaning season is nearly upon us. Spring cleaning is something I delight in every year, mostly because it gives me a great opportunity to go through all the junk my children have accumulated in any given year, and throw out, donate, or rehome the things they don’t need. I try and instill in myContinue reading “How to Create a Healthier Home This Spring”

One Small Thing You Can Do for Better Sleep and Overall Health

Can a little sunlight in the morning make a huge difference in your life? Since the advent of modern science, it has been said that sunlight gives you Vitamin D, and is thusly considered good for your health. Sunlight has been shown to improve mood, make you more alert, and keep circadian rhythms on track.Continue reading “One Small Thing You Can Do for Better Sleep and Overall Health”

Five Ways to Be More Grateful

Gratitude is vastly under-rated, but very important. I consider myself a very grateful person. I am incredibly lucky to have my health, four beautiful children, a partner to help me through life’s ups and downs, and the ability to help heal other people, which has always been my dream. Still, with the daily rigamarole ofContinue reading “Five Ways to Be More Grateful”