Featured on Wall Street Journal: Five Exercises to Boost Speed and Agility

You don’t have to play lacrosse to learn from it. I recently collaborated with Jen Murphy of the Wall Street Journal on an article about how to increase your speed and agility, using lacrosse workouts. Every sport has specific benefits that can help increase your fitness in different ways. My personal favorite sport is lacrosse,Continue reading “Featured on Wall Street Journal: Five Exercises to Boost Speed and Agility”

3 Workout-Friendly Face Masks

In terms of workout protection, are all face masks created equal? There have been many frustrating things about the Covid-19 pandemic, but for some reason, wearing masks is at the top of the list. While I understand that nobody really WANTS to walk around with their nose and mouth covered, doctors and surgeons do itContinue reading “3 Workout-Friendly Face Masks”

Five Indoor Cardio Exercises to Prepare You for the Gym

Do you feel the need to get in shape before you hit the gym? When it comes to the gym, many people have mixed feelings. The gym has long been thought of as a place where only in-shape, physically fit people go, to get more in-shape and physically fit. This actually goes against the wholeContinue reading “Five Indoor Cardio Exercises to Prepare You for the Gym”

What is Muscle Memory?

Muscle memory is your muscle’s ability to snap back into shape. Coming off the tail end of a pandemic, muscle memory is something we should all be thankful for. Have you ever gone through a time in your life (for instance, in the past year) where your fitness just fell completely off the wagon? Then,Continue reading “What is Muscle Memory?”

Tips for Returning to the Gym After a Hiatus

Jumping back in to exercise should be done with caution. This winter has been tough for a lot of people. This pandemic has been rough on a lot of bodies. But it’s a new year now, and with vaccinations on the rise and Covid-19 numbers leveling out, it’s okay to start being a bit optimisticContinue reading “Tips for Returning to the Gym After a Hiatus”

Three Reasons to Find an Outdoor Workout Buddy

It’s a new year, time to work out! Thus far, this winter has been relatively mild. The political stress of the administration change has died down, and the Covid-19 pandemic is slowly, but surely, becoming more manageable. Summer is a far-off glint in our eyes, but we all know it is coming, and that itContinue reading “Three Reasons to Find an Outdoor Workout Buddy”

How to Keep Your Kids Physically Active During Covid-19

Regardless of the pandemic, our children need exercise. All over the country, schools are closing down. This really isn’t surprising given the fact that kids are basically germ-spreading machines. And even though we were blessed with months of indoor bonding time with our kids, chances are, we were all a little relieved when school startedContinue reading “How to Keep Your Kids Physically Active During Covid-19”

Three Socially Distanced Sports to Try Out

As the world changes, so too must our sports. 2020 has been a year of change. I could probably say that about any year, but 2020 specifically has created a lot of different challenges and obstacles. In terms of sports, we have not only missed out on our favorite teams and events because of cancellations,Continue reading “Three Socially Distanced Sports to Try Out”

How to Wash Your Workout Shoes

There is a right way, and a wrong way, to wash your sneakers. Remember when we were kids, and our moms just threw our dirty, muddy sneakers into the washer and dryer, where they would bump around, disrupting the whole house? Then, they would come out misshapen, but clean. Believe it or not, putting sneakersContinue reading “How to Wash Your Workout Shoes”

Five Safety Precautions for Returning to the Gym

Returning to the gym should not be taken lightly during a pandemic. As businesses all around the country start to open up, regular gym-goers are probably either breathing heavily in excitement, or dreading going back after months and months of muscle atrophy and ice cream baths. Going to the gym is something some people enjoy,Continue reading “Five Safety Precautions for Returning to the Gym”