Four Reasons to Eat More Probiotics

Your immune system could always use more support. One of the main reasons you should eat more probiotics is for your immune response. Your digestive system plays a huge part in your overall health, and the bacteria in your gut supports your immune system, as well as your stress levels, cholesterol, and even your skin.Continue reading “Four Reasons to Eat More Probiotics”

Five Ways to Keep Your Immune System Healthy On the Daily

The key to a healthy immune system is working at it every day. After the past few years, I probably don’t need to remind you how important it is to support your immune system. Immunity support is something you should think about every day, especially when making decisions about what to eat. Our best toolContinue reading “Five Ways to Keep Your Immune System Healthy On the Daily”

Is Chewing Gum Bad for Your Gut?

Not all chewing gum is created equal. When it comes to unhealthy habits, chewing gum is generally pretty low on the list. In general, it’s a pretty harmless habit, especially if you are chewing gum instead of smoking, or binging on super-unhealthy foods. That being said, chewing gum can also be pretty bad for yourContinue reading “Is Chewing Gum Bad for Your Gut?”

15 Foods to Boost Your Immunity

Now is a great time to support your immune system. Cold weather is coming. With the change in temperature, we also have to contend with illnesses, cramped quarters, and the potential for a spike in Covid-19 infections. Our immune systems are pretty well equipped to handle many situations, but right now they could probably useContinue reading “15 Foods to Boost Your Immunity”

Five Ways to Keep Your Immune System Strong

How do you keep your immune system strong in the face of a pandemic? Right now, our immune systems are our first line of defense against a pandemic that is raging across the planet. While it’s true that Covid-19 doesn’t affect everyone in the same way, and many people will just experience light symptoms ifContinue reading “Five Ways to Keep Your Immune System Strong”

Three Strange Foods To Promote Gut Health

Take care of your digestive system, and it will take care of you. We are living in stressful times. Not only have we been confined to our houses, but gyms have been closed and our options for exercise extremely limited. Many of us probably haven’t been eating right, and it probably shows. But the wayContinue reading “Three Strange Foods To Promote Gut Health”

Natural Ways to Fight Quarantine Constipation

Lock-down constipation is a real thing, people. When it comes to the global health crisis currently affecting Planet Earth, there are a lot of unattractive things to consider, and I’m not just talking about our black roots and overgrown fingernails. From a health perspective, being locked down can have a variety of effects on yourContinue reading “Natural Ways to Fight Quarantine Constipation”

Three Easy Ways to Improve Digestion

Gut health is very important to overall health. When it comes to our overall health, the digestive system plays a huge role in everything from your daily comfort level, to the proper functioning of your immune system. Neglecting your gut can lead to a slew of disease and syndromes like IBS, SIBO, and Crohn’s disease.Continue reading “Three Easy Ways to Improve Digestion”

Five Things You Should Know About Probiotics

All probiotics are not created equal. Probiotics, once a word that was rarely ever uttered by anyone who didn’t work in a lab, has now become a staple in many households across the country. The probiotics industry has ballooned up to $37 billion dollars in the U.S. alone, and it seems like the world can’tContinue reading “Five Things You Should Know About Probiotics”

Five Reasons to Eat More Probiotic Yogurt

Probiotic yogurt has tons of health benefits for the body. I can’t possibly stress enough how important gut health is, in terms of overall body health. The gut and immune system are inextricably tied together, and the immune system is really the only thing protecting us from death on an every day basis. For thatContinue reading “Five Reasons to Eat More Probiotic Yogurt”