How to Avoid a Champagne Hangover

Champagne hangovers are the worst hangovers. Of all the hangover inducing alcohols, red wine and champagne are the worst. Champagne is specifically horrible because the carbon dioxide in the bubbles compete with oxygen in your blood, which gets you drunk faster. Because champagne is so tasty and fun to drink, we tend to drink moreContinue reading “How to Avoid a Champagne Hangover”

Tips for Moms: Natural Herb Remedies for a Hangover

After a long night out, these natural remedies can help cure your hangover. As women and mothers, we often take on a lot of stress in our lives. Whether you are trying to balance your checkbook, your work and life, or your 10 children, some times we just need to let loose and have aContinue reading “Tips for Moms: Natural Herb Remedies for a Hangover”