How to Jump Back Into a Sport After an Injury

Getting back into a sport after an injury can be a huge mental hurdle. Any athlete will tell you that injuries are almost impossible to prevent. If you are very into sports, chances are at one point or another you will get an injury, from something as small as a sprained ankle to something moreContinue reading “How to Jump Back Into a Sport After an Injury”

Should You See a Physical Therapist?

There are a lot of reasons why someone should choose to see a physical therapist. For career athletes and very active people, the idea of seeing a physical therapist isn’t that strange. When you stay very active, injuries are sometimes inevitable, and seeing a physical therapist is arguably the best way to make sure yourContinue reading “Should You See a Physical Therapist?”

Should You Apply Ice or Heat Your Injury?

Ice and heating packs work better for different types of injuries. I’ve seen it happen a million times. One minute you are out on the field, heading towards an amazing winning streak, and the next you pull, strain, or sprain something, and find yourself on the sidelines trying to decide what to do next. AnyContinue reading “Should You Apply Ice or Heat Your Injury?”

Low Impact Exercises to Help with Back Pain

Conquer your back pain with low impact exercise. If you are in your thirties or forties, chances are you have some experience with back pain. Most of the time when your back is hurt, exercise is the last thing on your mind, because all you want to do is heal. Obviously this can be aContinue reading “Low Impact Exercises to Help with Back Pain”