Five Facts You Need to Know About Treating and Preventing ACL Tears

Preventing and treating ACL tears is something every athlete should be familiar with. As an orthopaedic surgeon, ACL tears are something I see quite often. While they aren’t the absolute worst injury you can suffer, they are serious and can be career-ending. READ MORE: Warm-Up Tips to Prevent ACL Injuries I recently collaborated with Dr.Continue reading “Five Facts You Need to Know About Treating and Preventing ACL Tears”

Should Headgear be Mandatory in Girls Lacrosse?

Does headgear in girls’ lacrosse help, or hurt the player? As you may know, I am an avid lacrosse player, as well as fan, having played for years at Duke. Recently, there has been a bit of controversy surrounding girl’s lacrosse, and whether or not headgear is necessary. As a surgeon, I am very muchContinue reading “Should Headgear be Mandatory in Girls Lacrosse?”

What is a Rotator Cuff?

To prevent rotator cuff injuries, one must first know what a rotator cuff is. Everyday I work with many patients who have tested the limits of their rotator cuff. It is a term frequently talked about by tennis players, baseball players, Cross Fit athletes and anyone playing an overhead sport. The term comes in manyContinue reading “What is a Rotator Cuff?”