How to Keep Your Kids Physically Active During Covid-19

Regardless of the pandemic, our children need exercise. All over the country, schools are closing down. This really isn’t surprising given the fact that kids are basically germ-spreading machines. And even though we were blessed with months of indoor bonding time with our kids, chances are, we were all a little relieved when school startedContinue reading “How to Keep Your Kids Physically Active During Covid-19”

Five Great Spring Sports for Child Athletes

Spring is the perfect time to encourage your kids to get involved. Every year when the daffodils and crocuses start to bloom, I am overcome with an intense feeling of gratitude that soon, my kids will be expending all their energy out on the court or field, instead of inside the house with me. It’sContinue reading “Five Great Spring Sports for Child Athletes”

How to Help Your Child Choose a Winter Sport

Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean our kids are no longer competitive. For some families, winter is a time to spend bundled up around a fire, playing board games and singing kum-baya. For the kids in my family, it’s a time to get outside, conquer the snow, and engage in the oh-so-fun sports that onlyContinue reading “How to Help Your Child Choose a Winter Sport”

The Best Fall Sports for Kids

A change of seasons always means a change of sports. At this point, its pretty safe to say that summer is over. While we may have a month or two of warm weather left in us, soon enough the leaves will change, pumpkin spice will once more take over the world, and our kids willContinue reading “The Best Fall Sports for Kids”

Six Surprising Facts About Youth Sports

Regardless of how many of your kids are involved in youth sports, there is always something you can learn. I have four kids now, so their involvement in youth sports is pretty much a given. I am not saying I would ever force any of my kids to take part in sports if they don’tContinue reading “Six Surprising Facts About Youth Sports”

Five Sports Book Suggestions for Your Well Rounded Young Athlete

Even the best young athletes should take the time to read. I know that as parents, we are only in so much control over who our children eventually become. We would like to think we have complete control, but the truth is that no matter what you do, your child’s inherent personality and traits willContinue reading “Five Sports Book Suggestions for Your Well Rounded Young Athlete”

Five Great Sports for Kids with ADHD

When it comes to kids with ADHD, not all sports are created equal. I am a obviously a huge fan of kids sports and athletics in general, but I am also the first to admit that not every sport works for every child. Attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD) children can benefit from exercise ofContinue reading “Five Great Sports for Kids with ADHD”

Five Great Sports for Introverts

Competition isn’t just for extroverts, you know. One of the biggest misconceptions about competitive sports is that you need to be an outgoing, extroverted person to enjoy them. This probably comes from the idea that a team is often represented by its most outspoken members, and introverted people sometimes shy away from the spotlight. ThatContinue reading “Five Great Sports for Introverts”

Do Your Kids Suffer from Sports-Induced Stress?

Are you unknowingly causing your kids sports-induced stress? Anyone who is a parent can tell you, the main reason to enroll your kids into sports is so they can burn off excess energy. The sense of camaraderie, lessons in team-building, and social skills they develop as a result of sports are all amazing side effects,Continue reading “Do Your Kids Suffer from Sports-Induced Stress?”

Five Spring Sports for Your Kids

Spring is in the air, so its time for your kids to get active. Winter will be coming to an end soon, and so will the months of being cooped up indoors with your kids. Now I know we all probably loved being run ragged by the energy of youth, constrained to the confines ofContinue reading “Five Spring Sports for Your Kids”