Meet the Newest Kombucha Alternative

When it comes to fermented drinks, you have options. If you have been following fitness trends in the last few years, or have ever even been inside a yoga studio, you probably know what kombucha is. For those of you who don’t however, kombucha is essentially fermented tea that contains beneficial probiotics and antioxidants. ItContinue reading “Meet the Newest Kombucha Alternative”

Five Reasons to Eat More Probiotic Yogurt

Probiotic yogurt has tons of health benefits for the body. I can’t possibly stress enough how important gut health is, in terms of overall body health. The gut and immune system are inextricably tied together, and the immune system is really the only thing protecting us from death on an every day basis. For thatContinue reading “Five Reasons to Eat More Probiotic Yogurt”