Five Natural Ways to Combat Lockdown Anxiety

Quarantine anxiety is a huge negative side effect of COVID-19. Whether we are fully addicted to stress, or just face a few uncomfortable moments every day, anxiety is a natural part of our lives. We all face anxiety under normal circumstances, from deadlines at our job, to problems in our relationships, and even small thingsContinue reading “Five Natural Ways to Combat Lockdown Anxiety”

Is the Lock Down Making You Vitamin D Deficient?

One of the side effects of quarantine is vitamin D deficiency. The COVID-19 lockdown has created many different side effects, from mental health issues to physical manifestations of stress and anxiety. With summer around the corner, one of the things we don’t really think about is vitamin D deficiency. Normally, we get a fair amountContinue reading “Is the Lock Down Making You Vitamin D Deficient?”